Sales Policy

(“We” refers to Othala Acres, and “you” refers to the buyer.)

We do not ship rabbits. Buyer can arrange shipping, if desired, but it is 100% up to the buyer. If we are attending a rabbit or poultry show, we can arrange to deliver to the show.

A 50% non-refundable deposit will hold the rabbit of your choice until it can be delivered or picked up.

We must receive your deposit within 5 days in order to place the rabbit on hold.

If the rabbit isn’t picked up within two weeks of deposit, or other agreed upon arrangements are not made, the rabbit will be released for sale again and no refund will be issued.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase a rabbit (or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian).

No rabbits will be removed from their mother prior to 8 weeks of age, no exceptions.

All rabbits come with a Health Guarantee. We guarantee all of our animals to be in good health, free from disease or injury up to the time the buyer takes responsibility. Once the animal leaves the premises, we revoke any guarantees unless the illness or death can be proven to be a pre-existing condition (i.e. a veterinarian certificate stating the cause & date of death being of a pre-existing condition). In this case, we will give a replacement rabbit of similar quality.

We are not held responsible for any veterinarian bills ever.

We do not guarantee show quality, reproductive ability, or quality of offspring. We will sell to the best of our ability and will tell you so if the rabbit has been a proven breeder or show rabbit, but these things are very hard to predict for the future.

Pedigreed rabbits come with a three generation printed pedigree (or emailed as a pdf file for you to print if you prefer).

We reserve the right to cancel a sale for any reason, and in those cases your deposit will be fully refunded to you.

We accept payment via money order, PayPal, most major credit cards* or cash**
*For your protection, please don’t include your credit card info in any emails. We will email you an invoice to enter your cc info securely.

**Please do not send cash in the mail – only use cash for in-person hold for which you will receive a receipt.