Spring is around the corner!

Currently we don’t have any animals for sale, and we are just getting prepared for the upcoming breeding season. Check back in late spring for possible Dominique and NB Buff Silkie chicks.

We are no longer raising turkeys and we may or may not have any rabbits available this year.

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For Sale

We have a few 2012 birds for sale, including:

  • Pair of Bantam Dominiques for $15,
  • Blue, Splash, Buff Silkie & sorta Light Partridge/Porcelain roosters pet to breeder quality for $5-15 each.

Also for sale are the following Silver Fox rabbits:

  • Othala’s Jack, a 2011 Black Silver Fox Buck (with pedigree) $30
  • Skogafell’s Chocolate, a 2011 Black Silver Fox Doe (no pedigree).  $20

The doe is very pretty, but has been bred several times unsuccessfully, therefore she is being sold as a pet/meat rabbit, rather than a breeder.

Currently we don’t have anything else for sale aside from what is listed above. We are hatching on a very small scale and very late this year, so chances are we won’t have much available this season. We don’t have any hens at all available aside from the two listed above that are being sold in the pairs along with a rooster. Due to having very few available hens and many available rooster, hens are ONLY being sold as a pair along with a rooster.

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Garden is in!

We got going a bit late this year on the garden, but I LOVE tending a garden, so went on a shopping binge and bought a whole ton of started plants. Finally got all the beds put together, but there were some that still needed filling. So I got wheelbarrows full of the mucky, wet mud/horse poop that is along the fenceline of the paddocks thanks to the rain we’ve been getting. First load went great… pretty heavy, but I got ‘er done. Second load for the next bed, the wheel sunk down into the soft shavings/chicken poop ground between the beds (because we had a coop there previously for 10 years before the garden). I pushed and fought the heavy load through, then felt the wheelbarrow start to tip. I fought with all I had and tried to get my footing to keep it upright… unfortunately my foot ended up in the other bed that I had just filled with slippery muck! I slipped, and over the wheelbarrow went, pitching me forward and right into the big plastic planter that I had earlier filled with herbs to make a pretty container herb garden. That got smooshed, and a broken edge of the planter managed to scrape and slice my side as I landed on it. I got up, assessed the damage, and fixed the poor smooshed plants (somehow managed to salvage them and the planter, too) and got the mess of muck into the bed where it was supposed to go originally.

Of course at this point, I was thinking, no way I’m stopping now… I knew if I stopped to rest, the adrenaline rush might wear off and once the pain kicks in, it’ll be all over for the day (and maybe tomorrow too – I don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to!). So I got right back to work, got the rest of the beds filled with horsey poop mud, got the plants in, and finally stopped for a much needed rest. Felt like I was hitting a low voltage electric fence while I was working, so I think I may have pulled or pinched something somewhere. Now the pain in my neck, shoulder, lower back and who knows where else is starting to make itself known. It’s gonna be a whole lot of fun tomorrow, I can tell!

But I did get in 3 kinds of tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce/salad greens, spinach, onions, garlic, red & orange peppers, eggplant, zuchinni, butternut squash, pumpkins & also planted some pole bean seeds. The herb container garden has basil, dill, sage & parsley, and added some fennel, lavender, parsley, thyme and a Thai hot pepper plant to the herb garden. Phew!

I really hope I’m not too sore tomorrow…. the herb garden needs mulching!

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Website Facelift

Welcome to the new & improved Othala Acres website! I’ve converted the old html website to WordPress, which makes things easier to update and has a cleaner look.

Let us know what you think of the new site and also let us know if you have any problems viewing or navigating.

The new seed and hatchery catalogs should be coming out very soon. It’s still cold outside, the maples not yet ready for the sap to rise, and the bees are still cozy and huddled inside the hives with their queen. But soon, very soon, Mother Nature will begin her rebirth.

So start planning and plotting the new chicks, garden plots and get the sap buckets ready… we are! 🙂

~Lily & Ron

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Honey Harvest

We took a 10 frame medium super off our hive a few days ago, and last night I decided to try to extract some honey. We don’t have an extractor, so I just cut the comb and strained all the honey out of one of the frames. It was messy and slow going, but we managed to fill 2 one lb jars, and we let the rest of the honeycomb strain out and managed to get almost another full cup from that! It’s delicious, dark honey… the store stuff* doesn’t even touch REAL pure honey.

(FYI – much of the “pure” honey purchased at the store actually contains additives like (*YUCK!!*) corn syrup that for some reason doesn’t have to be disclosed on the labeling! Nice, eh?)

Here’s more about pure honey and how to tell if the honey you purchase is REALLY pure!  http://www.benefits-of-honey.com/pure-honey.html  (if you buy your honey from a local beekeeper, it’ll be pure… real beekeepers hate that fake junk with the additives!  Buy local… most commercial food belongs in the garbage, NOT on your plate!)

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