For Sale

We have a few 2012 birds for sale, including:

  • Pair of Bantam Dominiques for $15,
  • Blue, Splash, Buff Silkie & sorta Light Partridge/Porcelain roosters pet to breeder quality for $5-15 each.

Also for sale are the following Silver Fox rabbits:

  • Othala’s Jack, a 2011 Black Silver Fox Buck (with pedigree) $30
  • Skogafell’s Chocolate, a 2011 Black Silver Fox Doe (no pedigree).  $20

The doe is very pretty, but has been bred several times unsuccessfully, therefore she is being sold as a pet/meat rabbit, rather than a breeder.

Currently we don’t have anything else for sale aside from what is listed above. We are hatching on a very small scale and very late this year, so chances are we won’t have much available this season. We don’t have any hens at all available aside from the two listed above that are being sold in the pairs along with a rooster. Due to having very few available hens and many available rooster, hens are ONLY being sold as a pair along with a rooster.

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