Othala Acres

 Heritage Farm

Heirloom Poultry, Rabbitry,
Apiary & Orchard

Othala Acres
in Troy, New Hampshire

(the foothills of Mt. Monadnock!)

Supporter of the Following Organizations:

American Bantam Association *  American Poultry Association   APA-ABA Poultry Youth Program  *  Chantecler Fanciers International * Dominique Club of America   * Exhibition Turkey Fanciers   * American Rabbit Breeders Ass’n (Rabbitry # B781)  * National Silver Fox Rabbit Club  *  Monadnock Food Co-op *  New Hampshire Poultry Fanciers *  Northeast Avicultural Society
For Professional, Reliable Farm and Pet Care in Troy and surrounding towns….

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